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by Curt Truninger


A tragicomic drama of two people’s roller-coaster ride through a night of emotions, lies and revelations. Jackie is a secretary at a law firm. She invites her colleague – Michael, on whom she has a crush – over for dinner. Michael is attractive and intelligent, but resentful; he hates the lawyers at his firm. Jackie tries hard to put Michael at ease. He finally opens up and admits that he is writing a revealing book about the law firm. Jackie confesses that she’s attracted to him. Michael pulls back, and tries to escape, but Jackie lures him to stay on by confessing that she is a writer too. She makes him listen to one of her violent‚ children’s stories’ and, torn between admiration, jealousy and fear, Michael wants to escape again. Jackie holds him back with a confession that touches him deeply, finally enabling him to make a shocking relevation about himself.

original title: The Rendezvous
country: Switzerland
sales agent: Media Luna New Films
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Curt Truninger
film run: 83'
screenplay: Curt Truninger, Margrit Ritzmann
cast: Eva Birthistle, Tim Dutton, Myra Fried, Urs Villiger
cinematography by: Barry Stone
film editing: Ralph Brunjes
art director: Sepp de Engelberg
music: Bill Mather
producer: Margrit Ritzmann
production: Snow Line Pictures
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