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by Stéphane Robelin


Luc, a film student, turns up again one day to disrupt the life of his childhood friend, Loïc. He settles into Loïc’s place, a camera in hand, and decides to make Loïc the leading character in his film. Devoted heart and soul to his project, Luc doesn’t hesitate one second to transform his friend’s life to suit his film. He employs an actor, a transvestite, to play Céline whose role will be to seduce Loïc…

international title: Real Movie
original title: Real Movie
country: France
year: 2004
genre: fiction
directed by: Stéphane Robelin
film run: 95'
release date: FR 9/06/2004
screenplay: Stéphane Robelin, Christophe Marthoud
cast: Philippe Chaine, Sarah Bensoussan, Lionel Nakache, Caroline Riou, Didier Braun, Nani Noël, Vanina Delannoy
film editing: Christophe Marthoud
costumes designer: Caroline Riou
music: Antoine Robelin, Jean Ramain
producer: Sophie Dulac, Benjamin Goldman, Patrice Galmard, Patrice Galmard
production: Dulac Productions, BAC Films
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