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by Rodolfo Bisatti


A story peopled by disparate characters: a university professor turned TV journalist; two villains who hold up a bank; a policewoman without a face; and a friend who would rather not be where he is.

original title: Il giorno del falco
country: Italy
sales agent: Adriana Chiesa Enterprises (ACEK)
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Rodolfo Bisatti
film run: 85'
screenplay: Rodolfo Bisatti, Maurizio Pasetti
cast: Stefano Cassetti, Mario Pigatto, Mario Rodighiero, Giacomo De Domenico
producer: Ermanno Olmi
production: Ipotesi Cinema, RAI Cinema, Mikado Film
backing: MiBAC
distributor: Mikado
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