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by Bohdan Sláma, Pavel Göbl, Tomáš Doruška


Three stories ; The Garden of Eden, The Open Country of a Lonely Man, Riedgost ; introduce the youngest generation of Czech filmmakers. They are linked through the similarity of their story-telling poetic and their interest in uncommon environments and heroes. The filmmakers' results confirm the saying that what we long for most is often sitting right in front of our eyes.

international title: Riedgost
original title: Radhost
country: Czech Republic
sales agent: Czech Television
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Bohdan Sláma, Pavel Göbl, Tomáš Doruška
film run: 92'
screenplay: Bohdan Sláma, Tomáš Doruška, Marek Epstein
cast: Jaromír Dulava, Petr Fiala, Jirí Melcher, Jirí Vymetal
cinematography by: Tomás Novácek, Sárka Sklenárová
film editing: Tomáš Doruška, Sárka Sklenárová
producer: Jiri Konecny, Pavel Borovan, Helena Slaviková, Alice Nemanská, Katerina Ondrejková
production: Czech Television - Česká televize, FAMU
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