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by Judith Abitbol


After the death of her friend André, photographer Louise embarks on a series of portraits of the men and women they knew, taken while they are sleeping. As she tries to persuade them to pose for her, Louise ponders life and death - as well as the breakup from her boyfriend Gabriel two years earlier...

original title: Avant le jour
country: France
year: 2006
genre: fiction
directed by: Judith Abitbol
film run: 73'
release date: FR 31/01/2007
screenplay: Judith Abitbol, Laurence Madani
cast: Nathalie Richard, Halinka Mondselewski, Laurence Madani, Jocelyne Valentino, Albert Pigot, Manuel Jover
cinematography by: Judith Abitbol
film editing: Martine Zévort
producer: Albert Pigot
production: Bicéphale Production
distributor: Bicéphale Distribution
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