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by Peter Mullan


Glasgow, 1973. On the brink of adolescence, young John McGill's about to start secondary school. He's a bright and sensitive boy, eager to learn, but the cards are stacked high against him. The McGill family's dirt poor, his hated father's a drunken bully. His teachers are down on him from the start. John's on his own. And then there's the gangs. The Neds. Non-Educated Delinquents. The bad boys with weapons and attitude: cheap drugs, glam rock, fumbling sex, the violence and the camaraderie of the streets. Benny's fearsome reputation buys John protection, and then a way in. Scared, resentful, full of rage, John makes his decision. He takes to the savage life of the streets with a vengeance. But as his rage and frustration spin him further and further out of control, he is left facing a blank wall. No future. With one extraordinary chance of redemption.

international title: Neds
original title: Neds
country: United Kingdom, France, Italy
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Peter Mullan
release date: ES 03/12/2010, UK 21/01/2011, NL 28/04/2011, FI 04/11/2011, PL 23/11/2012, FR 31/08/2011
screenplay: Peter Mullan
cast: Steven Robertson, Douglas Russell, Linda Cuthbert, Marcus Nash, Martin Bell
cinematography by: Roman Osin
film editing: Colin Monie
art director: Mark Leese
costumes designer: Rhona Russell
music: Craig Armstrong
producer: Alain De La Mata, Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier, Peter Mullan, Lucinda Van Rie
production: Fidélité Films, Urania Pictures, Blue Light
backing: New Cinema Fund
distributor: eOne entertainmentOne, Golem Distribución, September Film Distribution Netherlands, Oy Cinema Mondo Ltd, Spinka
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