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by Manolo González


Is a normal day during the week. It’s two o’clock in the morning. A new edition of the radio program “Known Strangers” begins, it’s followed by a big and loyal audience that at that moment is working, studying or that simply cannot sleep. Through the radio and it’s people we’ll be witness of several independent stories lived by the characters of that world and those hours. The radio will become another character, vital and key to the destiny of all of them, with an end that won’t be indifferent to anybody.

original title: Propios y extraños
country: Spain
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Manolo González
release date: ES 26/11/2010
screenplay: Manolo González
cast: Elena Ballesteros, Michel Noher, Jean Pierre Noher, Isabel Prinz, Alejo Ortiz, Adriana Balbo, Jordi Vilches, Manuel Tafellé, Alberto Jiménez
cinematography by: Helmut Fischer
film editing: Ivo Fuchs
music: Paco Musulén, Luis Elices
producer: Luís Ángel Bellaba
production: Aquelarre Servicios Cinematograficos
distributor: Festival Films
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