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by Gionata Zarantonello


School is a war and war is never right or wrong, war is simply war. The last day of the first term is the every student's nightmare. Only the survivors, those who pass win - and the students are prepared to do whatever is necessary to win. "Mors tua, voto mia". Mutant professors, violent shoot-outs with toy guns, cherry juice all over the place: a splatter nightmare to exorcise the daily horrors of the (un)natural selection of schools.

international title: MEDLEY
original title: MEDLEY
country: Italy
year: 1999
genre: fiction
directed by: Gionata Zarantonello
film run: 75'
release date: IT 14/04/2000
screenplay: Gionata Zarantonello
cast: Ulisse Lendaro, Gaia Candiollo, Gionata Zarantonello
cinematography by: Marco Ellero
film editing: Claudia Rossi, Gionata Zarantonello, Luca Morelli
music: Enrico Prandi, Andrea Guerra
producer: Ulisse Lendaro
production: Medley Entertainment
distributor: Làntia Cinema & Audiovisivi
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