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by Janez Burger


When the deafening rattle of war dies away, we see Stevo, scared, running about the field where traces of warfare can be seen and where his house, likewise badly damaged, stands. He is left alone with his daughter Dunja and son Small as his wife has been hit by one of the grenades. When it seems that the worst is over, a terrible rumble can be heard from a distance and keeps nearing the house as a threat. Stevo discovers, confused, that the vehicle which stopped in front of the house is not a killing machine but a rather unusual vehicle of Circus Fantasticus. Getting know of the group of bizarre but utterly human characters changes the life of Stevo and his children, and they join the circus caravan which sets off on a new journey.

international title: Silent Sonata
original title: Circus Fantasticus
country: Slovenia, Ireland, Finland, Sweden
sales agent: Fortissimo Films
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Janez Burger
film run: 74'
screenplay: Janez Burger
cast: Leon Lucev, Pauliina Rasanen, Ravil Sultanov, Luna Mijović, Rene Bazinet, Daniel Rovai, Yannick Martens, Natalija Sultanova, David Boelee, Slava Volkov, Xauxue Zhanng
cinematography by: Diviš Marek
film editing: Miloš Kalusek
art director: Vasja Kokalj
costumes designer: Alan Hranitelj
producer: Jožko Rutar, Petra Bašin, Morgan Bushe, Petra Rossi, Fredrik Zander, Tomas Eskilsson
production: Staragara Productions, Fastnet Films, Cineworks LTD, RTV Slovenija, The Chimney Pot Sweden / Chimney, Film i Väst
backing: Filmski sklad Republike Slovenije, FS Viba film, Irish Film Board, Eurimages, Finnish Film Fundation, MEDIA Programme
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