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by Bence Miklauzič


Máté, a lonely, divorced real estate agent is put in charge of selling a suburban storage building by his boss. The warehouse is rented by the Chinese, who keep their semi-legal goods there. The stock comprising several thousand boxes is guarded by a Chinese man, Wu, who also lives in the warehouse. During this forced association a strange friendship begins between the two lonely men.

international title: Children of the Green Dragon
original title: A zöld sárkány gyermekei
country: Hungary
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Bence Miklauzič
screenplay: Bence Miklauzič, Balázs Maruszki
cast: Zoltán Rátóti, Eszter Bánfalvi, Yu Debin, Ferenc Lengyel
cinematography by: János Vecsernyés
film editing: Béla Barsi
art director: Balázs Hujber
costumes designer: Zsófi Ferencz
music: Zsolt Hammer, Ádám Jávorka
producer: József Berge
production: Mythberg Films
backing: Concorde Film Trust
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