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by Otto Alexander Jahrreiss


A perfect pair ...?? Bob is in his mid twenties, Barbara is in her late thirties Bob goes with the flow, Barbara knows exactly where she is going Bob is a swinging single, Barbara is a single mother Bob is a ladies man, Barbara needs a handyman Bob is getting married soon, Married is what Barbara was Bob is all about fun, Barbara is ready to run Bob is all about play, Barbara just wants him to go away.

international title: All about Bob
original title: Alles Bob
country: Germany, Austria, Denmark
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 1999
genre: fiction
directed by: Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
release date: DE 24/06/1999
screenplay: Markus Hoffmann, Otto Alexander Jahrreiss
cast: Martina Gedeck, Gregor Toerzs, Tonio Arango, Dieter Landuris, Hasan Ali Mete, Tobias Schenke
cinematography by: Egon Werdin
film editing: Katharina Schmidt
producer: Peter Paulich, Gerhard Schmidt
production: Eyeworks Film Gemini GmbH, Wega Film, Alien Production
backing: German Federal Film Board (FFA), Eurimages
distributor: Helkon Filmverleih
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