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by Antonello Fassari


The "Giaguaro" is an overgrown, lazy, good for nothing-young man, but full of good feelings. A bit Rudy Valentino, a bit Gabriele D’Annunzio, he usually picks up women and spends time at a rather sleazy bar in Piazza Vittorio. Coffee is bad, but there he can meet his friends, who consider him a real hero. His friends are from different ages; they are all a waste, good for nothing like him, but not bad people.
One day a new client asks for his help: he is desperate because he is impotent and cannot satisfy his wife. “Giaguaro” offers his help substituting him. However, when the time for action comes, he reveals him his secret, so that the man can manage without help.

original title: Il segreto del giaguaro
country: Italy
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonello Fassari
film run: 95'
release date: IT 21/03/2000
screenplay: Tommaso Zanello alias Er Piotta, Fabio Zanello, Herbert Simone Paragnani, Antonello Fassari, Antonio Manetti, Marco Manetti
cast: Tommaso Zanello alias Er Piotta, Antonello Fassari, Enrico Salimbeni, G. Max, Dario Ballantini, Tayo Yamanouchi, Lenka Lanci, Gianni Ciardo, Ugo Conti, Isabella Biagini, Kurtis Blow, Lando Buzzanca
cinematography by: Massimo Intoppa
film editing: Luca Montanari
art director: Michela Papas
costumes designer: Francesca Casciello
music: Lele Marchitelli, Tommaso Zanello alias Er Piotta
producer: Fulvio Lucisano, Federica Lucisano
production: Italian International Film (IIF) - Lucisano Media Group
distributor: Italian International Film (IIF)
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