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by Paolo Modugno


A feature told with the structure and rhythm of a film "noir".
The story revolves around Luca, Margherita and Franz, three people who have a common destiny and a violent past. Luca is a forty-year-old man who carries with him the lacerating memory of his youth destroyed by the repeated sexual abuse of his father.

international title: Dancing with Witches
original title: Territori d'ombra
country: Italy
sales agent: Buskin Film
year: 2000
genre: fiction
directed by: Paolo Modugno
film run: 93'
release date: IT 09/03/2001
screenplay: Paolo Modugno, Veronica Salvi, Andrea Belzola
cast: Leo Gullotta, Laurent Terzieff, Rosa Ferraiolo, Pino Quartullo, Gigi Angelillo, Antonio Cantarutti, Maria Paiato, Toni Bertorelli, Ludovica Modugno
cinematography by: Marco Carosi
film editing: Erika Manoni
art director: Francesca Romano Salvi
costumes designer: Rita Cecconi
music: Mark Hanna
producer: Veronica Salvi
production: Esse&Bi Cinematografica Produzione
backing: Direzione generale Cinema e audiovisivo del Ministero della Cultura DGCA-MIC (MiBACT)
distributor: Làntia Cinema & Audiovisivi
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