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by Pekka Lehto


Aira Samulin, a nation-wide celebrity, a reputation as ambassador of joy, share the story of her life. It has not been solely a bed of roses but insecurities. The horrors of war, life as a refugee, violence and illness. Aira would like to reveal what kind of tragedies are at the root of her positive thinking...

international title: TANGO CABARET
original title: TANGO KABAREE
country: Finland
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Pekka Lehto
film run: 90'
release date: FI 26/01/2001
screenplay: Pekka Lehto, Jaakko Heinimäki
cast: Aira Samulin, Martti Suosalo, Remu Aaltonen, Marja Korhonen, Iiro Rantala, Jorma Uotinen, Jukka Puotila, Marco Bjurström
cinematography by: Esa Vuorinen
film editing: Akke Eklund
art director: Pentti Valkeasuo
costumes designer: Pentti Valkeasuo
music: Olli Koskelin
producer: Marko Röhr, Ilkka Y.L. Matila
production: Matila Röhr Productions MRP
backing: Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Finnkino
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