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by Til Schweiger


The story of scriptwriter Henry, who bounces from one unhappy relationship to the next. His career is also going nowhere fast. Suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, he gets the sensational offer to become co-author of the script of a best-selling novel. And he will be working with his ex-girlfriend and great love Katharina. Henry has his second chance, both at work and romance, when...equally suddenly, the doorbell rings and there stands the eight-year-old Magdalena, and his life is once again turned topsy turvy.

original title: Kokowääh
country: Germany
sales agent: Beta Cinema
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Til Schweiger
film run: 120'
release date: AT 03/02/2011, DE 03/02/2011
screenplay: Béla Jarzyk, Til Schweiger
cast: Til Schweiger, Emma Schweiger, Jasmin Gerat, Samuel Finzi
cinematography by: Christof Wahl
film editing: Constantin von Seld
art director: Silke Buhr
producer: Béla Jarzyk, Tom Zickler, Til Schweiger
production: Barefoot Films, BJ Productions, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany
backing: German Federal Film Board (FFA), Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, German Federal Film Fund (DFFF)
distributor: Warner Bros Entertainment Austria, Warner Bros Entertainment Germany
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