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by Serge Papagalli


The Maudru family, modest mountain farmers in Dauphiné, whose farm is destined to disappear, struggle for survival. "Globalization that globalizes," as Aimé, the head of the household, likes to say, is what's to blame. Supermarket margins, milk sold at a loss, and other financial calamities cause cracks to appear in every part of this traditional way of life.

original title: Mais y va où le monde ?
country: France
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Serge Papagalli
release date: FR 23/02/2011
screenplay: Serge Papagalli
cast: Serge Papagalli, Véronique Kapoian, Valère Bertrand, Gilles Arbona, Christiane Papagalli, Stéphane Czopek, Gilles Graveleau, Daniel Gros
cinematography by: Baptiste Magnien
film editing: Pierre-Yves Hampartzoumian
music: Eric Capone, Gagarine
producer: Joël Langlois, Pierre De Gardebosc
production: Quand Même Productions
distributor: MC4 Distribution
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