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by Pierre-Alain Meier


Vincent Fleury, a taxi driver who has been rejected by his wife, embarks on an adventure from which he hopes to benefit: in exchange for a sum of money which will enable him to pay child support for his son, he agrees to set out for Crete with an unknown person, Thelma, to help her find the ex-lover who had spurned her.

international title: Thelma
original title: Thelma
country: Switzerland, France, Greece
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Pierre-Alain Meier
film run: 97'
release date: DE 24/10/2002, FR 19/06/2002, CH 18/04/2002
screenplay: Pierre-Alain Meier, Barbara Sobeck, Jacques Akchoti, Lou Inglebert
cast: Laurent Schilling, Pascale Ourbih, Nathalia Capo d'Istria, François Germond
cinematography by: Thomas Hardmeier
film editing: Loredana Cristelli
art director: Monika Bregger
costumes designer: Géraldine Orinovski
music: Calexico, Yiorgos Mangas
producer: Xavier Grin, Fenia Kosovitsa, Pierre-Alain Meier, Robert Boner
production: Thelma Film AG, Ciné Manufacture France, Ideefixe, Télévision Suisse Romande, Teleclub
distributor: Frenetic Films, Mop Distribution (DE), Est-Ouest Distribution (FR)
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