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by Bruno Dumont


On the shores of the Channel on the Côte d’Opale. Near a hamlet, river and marshes, dwells a strange fellow who lives from hand to mouth, poaches, prays, and lights fires. He is close to a farmer’s daughter who looks after him and feeds him. By murdering the girl’s father, who is violent towards her, helping a kid who is seized by strange pains and killing a guard, this fellow drives evil away from the hamlet and its inhabitants, in a fight against the Devil, until a miracle occurs.

international title: Hors Satan
original title: Hors Satan
country: France
sales agent: Pyramide International
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Bruno Dumont
film run: 110'
release date: FR 19/10/2011, UK 04/01/2013
screenplay: Bruno Dumont
cast: David Dewaele, Alexandra Lematre, Aurore Broutin
cinematography by: Yves Cape
film editing: Basile Belkhiri, Bruno Dumont
art director: Cédric Ettouati
producer: Rachid Bouchareb, Jean Bréhat, Alexander Emmert, Muriel Merlin
production: 3B Productions
backing: CRRAV, Le Fresnoy, Cinemage 5
distributor: Pyramide Distribution, New Wave Films
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