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by Michael Pfeifenberger


Austria, in the very near future: the last elections have brought Austria a radically right prime minister, Siglinde Führer. Now, Austria is out of the EU, has got the Schilling back and is about to re-introduce the death penalty and basically making itself into a totalitarian state. Most of the people are happy with her but some find the development worrying. One of the latter group is Raphael, a medical student. His best friend Michael, another medical student, is black and therefore in the target group of the hate attacks. But both Michael and Raphael remain convinced that they are safe – they are doing nothing wrong, aren’t they? Unfortunately, that’s not how mobs work…

original title: Todespolka
country: Austria
year: 2009
genre: fiction
directed by: Michael Pfeifenberger
film run: 81'
release date: AT 07/05/2010, DE 19/05/2011
screenplay: Stephan Demmelbauer
cast: Alexander Pschill, Stefano Bernardin, Tamara Stern, David Wurawa, Oliver Huether, Denis Cubic, Dieter Witting, Silvia Fenz, Michael Schuberth, Elisabeth Ebner Haid
cinematography by: Marco Zwitter
film editing: Alexander Frohner
art director: Judith Saupper
costumes designer: Zizi Lehner
music: Ulrich Drechsler, Manfred Holub, Michael J. Morgen
producer: Stephan Demmelbauer
production: Demmelbauerfilm
distributor: missingFilms
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