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by Rodolfo Bisatti


The intense confrontation with frontiers, whether real or subjective, and the catastrophe of the Balkans War. One of the frontiers is represented by the Italian city whose history embodies the arbitrariness of borders and the continual redefinition of identities – Trieste. The main location of the film is another frontier: the monumental and multi‑faceted Rozzol‑Melara neighbourhood, in Trieste. A house made of houses, a town within a town. In these complex settings – a town that is also a frontier and a neighbourhood that is itself a town – lives a family of three: Giovanni, a sensitive blind boy; Cora, his mother and restless wife to the third family member, Angelo, a disappointed man of action and thought. Historical events have intertwined with this family’s private story, affecting it deeply.

international title: Voices in the Dark
original title: Voci nel buio
country: Italy, Slovenia
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Rodolfo Bisatti
release date: IT 11/01/3013
screenplay: Rodolfo Bisatti, Maurizio Pasetti
cast: Giuseppe Cocevari, François Bruzzo, Laura Pellicciari, Xenia Gugliatti, Nina Benedetti, Marco Cossutta, Eva Mauri, Alessandro Barberio, Gradimir Nišić
cinematography by: Radovan Čok
film editing: Rodolfo Bisatti, Mattia Visintini
art director: Rosalie El Hadj
costumes designer: Marilisa Zurlo
music: Fábian Pérez Tedesco
producer: Laura Pellicciari, Janez Kovič, Gianluca Arcopinto
production: Kineo Film, Studio Arkadena
backing: Fondo Audiovisivo FVG, JS Viba Film, Slovenian Film Fund
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