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by Gabriel Achim


The most important event in the history of Romanian football: on May 7, 1986 Steaua Bucharest won its first and only European Champions Cup against FC Barcelona, when the legendary goalkeeper Helmuth Duckadam stopped four consecutive penalty kicks. Julian Ploscaru had recorded the game on his VCR, and it will be the main theme of conversation between him and his kids, his wife, his mistress Lidia and his boss, despite the fact that the Chernobyl disaster had happened just two weeks earlier and is still very much present both in individual and collective awareness.

international title: Adalbert's Dream
original title: Visul lui Adalbert
country: Romania
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Gabriel Achim
release date: RO 04/05/2012
screenplay: Gabriel Achim, Cosmin Manolache
cast: Gabriel Spahiu, Doru Ana, Ozana Oancea, Mimi Brănescu, Anca Androne, Paul Ipate, Alina Berzunteanu
cinematography by: George Chiper-Lillemark
film editing: Cristian Nicolescu, Stefan Tatu
costumes designer: Luminița Mihai
producer: Gabriel Achim, Monica Lazurean-Gorgan
production: Green Film, 4 Proof Film
backing: Romanian National Film Centre
distributor: Bright Film
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