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by Anders Grönros


Tina and Cilla are 15 and live in Piteå in north Sweden. They are twin sisters and look identical, but are very much different as personalities. On their Mothers birthday, they hurry to catch the school-bus. Cilla is run over by a car and killed. Left behind is Tina, who now has to find her balance in life without her sister.

international title: I Miss You
original title: Jag saknar dig
country: Sweden, Finland
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: Anders Grönros
release date: SE 19/08/2011
screenplay: Anders Grönros
cast: Erika Midfjäll, Hanna Midfjäll, Birthe Wingren, Thomas Hanzon, Ludvig Nilsson, Ola Rapace, Basia Frydman
cinematography by: Rauno Ronkainen
producer: Malte Forssell, Christer Nilson, Olle Lundquist
production: Götafilm, Filmpool Nord AB, Olle Lundquist AB, Kinoproduction Oy
backing: Folksam (Stockholm), Swedish Film Institute, Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution AB
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