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by Sameh Zoabi


Jawdat is twenty years old and comes from a Muslim family. He is studying at an Israeli university in Nazareth, but he’s not doing so well in his Hebrew lessons and wants to transfer to an Arab college. His origins also complicate his attempts to date the Jewish girl Jenine. And then he has arguments with his conservative dad Salem, who’s convinced that the nearby cell phone transmitter is damaging his olive harvest and the health of everyone in the vicinity. Jawdat’s cell phone is causing yet further problems: it seems that the police are suspicious of the young man’s innocent telephone conversations with a girl from the Palestinian territory...

international title: Man Without a Cell Phone
original title: Ish li'lo cellularit
country: France, Palestine, Israel, Belgium, Qatar
sales agent: Memento International
year: 2010
genre: fiction
directed by: Sameh Zoabi
film run: 80'
release date: FR 25/07/2012
screenplay: Sameh Zoabi
cast: Razi Shawahdeh, Basem Loulou, Louay Noufi, Maysa Abd Elhadi
cinematography by: Sameh Zoabi
film editing: Simon Jacquet
costumes designer: Nael Kanj
music: Sameh Zoabi
producer: Marie Gutman
production: Méroé Films, Versus Production, Lama Films/Israel, Kanmakam
backing: Rabinovich Film Fund Cinema Project/Israel
distributor: Eurozoom
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