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by 1500 local filmmakers


2012. The world is about to end in just a few hours, and Estonians must decide how to spend them. Rait decides that he will seek out pop-singer (and childhood friend) Lenna to profess his love. His best friend Mihkel – thanks to a blow on the head – decides that sacrificing Lenna to the sun gods will halt the end of the world. As they embark on a trip across the country to find her, they bump into Brenda, a girl chased by orderlies from an insane asylum, Ervin, the world’s last lottery millionaire who curses his luck at winning with only one day on Earth left, and numerous other weird and wonderful characters.

international title: That's It
original title: Täitsa Lõpp
country: Estonia
year: 2011
genre: fiction
directed by: 1500 local filmmakers
release date: PL 11/11/2011
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