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by James Marsh


Even as a child, Collette was to experience at first hand the bloody consequences of the conflict in Northern Ireland when her little brother was killed by British security forces. Years later, Collette is herself now a mother and, like the rest of her family, still involved in the Republican cause. When she is arrested for her part in an aborted IRA bomb plot in London, a British secret service officer offers her a choice: lose everything including her little son and go to prison for twenty-five years or return to Belfast to spy on her own family.

international title: Shadow Dancer
original title: Shadow Dancer
country: United Kingdom, Ireland
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: James Marsh
film run: 100'
release date: UK 24/08/2012, IE 24/08/2012, GR 30/08/2012, NL 06/09/2012, IS 19/10/2012, PL 02/11/2012, FI 21/12/2012, HU 10/01/2013, BE 16/01/2013, FR 06/02/2013, HR 28/03/2013, SI 16/05/2013, IT 27/06/2013
screenplay: Tom Bradby
cast: Clive Owen, Gillian Anderson, Aidan Gillen, Andrea Riseborough, Domhnall Gleeson, Michael McElhatton, Martin McCann
cinematography by: Rob Hardy
film editing: Jinx Godfrey
art director: Jon Henson
costumes designer: Lorna Marie Mugan
music: Dickon Hinchliffe
producer: Chris Coen, Ed Guiney, Andrew Lowe, Camille Gatin
production: BBC Films, Element Pictures, Unanimous Pictures
backing: UK Film Council, Irish Film Board
distributor: Paramount Pictures United Kingdom, Lumière, Best Film, Lumière, Wild Bunch Distribution, Moviemax
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