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by Anja Salomonowitz


A foreigner unintentionally stranded in Austria is trying everything to get to his original destination of Spain. A restorer who earns money on the side by painting religious icons has had enough of her ex-husband’s intrusions. He’s searching for the right words to get her back whilst sniffing around in the private lives of bi-national couples as part of his job as a police official. A gambling addict is hoping for assistance from a dubious finance institute. All of them are in search of happiness. These four loosely connected stories tell of the here and now, where human trafficking, the vagaries of people smugglers, violence against women, restrictive immigration laws, gambling addiction, debt and business deals of all kinds are the order of the day.

international title: Spain
original title: Spanien
country: Austria, Bulgaria
sales agent: Doc & Film International
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Anja Salomonowitz
film run: 102'
release date: AT 23/03/2012
screenplay: Dimitré Dinev, Anja Salomonowitz
cast: Grégoire Colin, Tatjana Alexander, Cornelius Obonya, Lukas Miko, Stefanie Dvora
cinematography by: Sebastian Pfaffenbichler
film editing: Frédéric Fichefe
art director: Maria Gruber
music: Max Richte
producer: Danny Krausz, Kurt Stocker, Dimitar Goche
production: Dor Film, Camera Ltd
backing: Österreichisches Filminstitut, Filmfonds Wien, Filmstandort Austria (FISA), Österreichischer Rundfunk (ORF)
distributor: Filmladen
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