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by Philippe Lellouche


July 1976, a heatwave. Claude, a Jew from Algeria who'd arrived in France fifteen years earlier, takes his young wife Isabelle, their two boys Simon (12) and Bibou (8), and Mamie, his mother-in-law, to Brittany. Isabelle, who caught her husband cheating on her, has chosen the small village of her childhood as their holiday destination. The day after they arrive, they are joined by their friends Bernard and Bernadette, and Jacky and Marie-Jeanne. They are greeted with suspicion by the local inhabitants of Rocher Abraham, whose accent is as rough as their hands. The welcome is particularly chilly at the Café Pondemer, the village's main haunt where the men gather. North African Jews, Catholic Bretons, Parisians, provincial types: it's not easy to get along. But, above all else, they are men. Real men. So little by little, with much humor and humility, and a dab of empathy, things evolve and bonds are formed. The past, old resentments and animosities are swept aside, opening up space for friendship, emotions and summer romance. These moments that we never forget, human feelings that each of us know. And Claude and Isabelle patch up their relationship. In Rocher Abraham, twenty-five kilometers from the sea, even Bibou and Simon, two close brothers, will enjoy a fine summer. Their best vacation! Particularly Simon, who falls in love for the first time, and experiences his first kiss.

original title: Nos plus belles vacances
country: France
sales agent: Pathé International
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Philippe Lellouche
release date: FR 07/03/2012
screenplay: Frédéric Petitjean
cast: Philippe Lellouche, Julie Gayet, Gérard Darmon, Vanessa Demouy, Christian Vadim, Julie Bernard, Alain Doutey, Nicole Calfan
cinematography by: Lucas Leconte
film editing: Jacques Comets
art director: Jean-Philippe Moreaux
costumes designer: Nadia Chmilewsky
producer: Michel Propper, Gilles Petit
production: Clap Trap, Pathé Films, M6 Films, Chaocorp
distributor: Pathé Distribution
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