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by Kadija Leclere


Alsemberg, December 1975, Sarah, 8 years old, lives in a Catholic foyer. One day, her biological father, whom she has never met, comes to take her for a weekend inParis. But it is inMoroccothat Sarah wakes up, in a little town lost in the middle of the Atlas. Very soon, her father leaves, abandoning her without any explanation. She then slips into the life of a little Moroccan girl where the only schooling she is offered is that of knitting. Nine years later, we find Sarah, 17 years old, a teenager like all the others... At least, almost. We are in1984, inthe middle of a hunger revolt (The Revolt of ‘Awbach’). Sarah’s father has never sent the money he had said he would, and for the family where she is staying, each mouth to feed accounts for more and more. Sarah will have to find a way to earn her board. And then, there’s Nari, that beautiful politically engaged student... But then, there is also her wish of leaving, to going back to theBelgiumof her childhood, the school, the books and a life that Sarah imagines free...

international title: The Bag of Flour
original title: Le Sac de farine
country: Belgium, Morocco, France
sales agent: Noori Pictures
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Kadija Leclere
film run: 100'
release date: BE 16/01/2013, FR 26/03/2014
screenplay: Kadija Leclere, Pierre Olivier Mornas
cast: Hafsia Herzi, Hiam Abbas, Mehdi Dehbi, Rania Mellouli, Smain Fairouze, Souad Saber, Abderraouf Abderraouf, Hassan Foulane, Fairouze Amiri
cinematography by: Gilles Porte, Philippe Guilbert
film editing: Virginie Messiaen
music: Christophe Vervoort
producer: Gaëtan David, Samy Layani, André Logie
co-producer: Peter Bouckaert
production: La Compagnie Cinématographique, Tchin Tchin Production, Eyeworks Film & TV Drama NV, Sahara Productions/Morocco
backing: VAF, Franstalige Gemeenschap, Bruxellimage, National Lottery, RTBF, Tax Shelter (Belgium)
distributor: Mica Films
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