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by Grégory Magne, Stéphane Viard


Thirty years ago, Michel Delpech had hit after hit. Now he has hit the skids and gold records are being replaced by debts. The former singer has retired to the countryside, where he accumulates unpaid taxes and fines. Grégory Morel, a young bailiff, is sent to confiscate Delpech's property Raised to the sound of Delpech's pop hits, Morel can't bring himself to carry out his job. He decides instead to help the former pop star pay off his debts. Morel opens up his address book and takes Michel out on the road for an improbable tour. Bankrupt discos, cafes in the process of being sold off, local party committees without a bean... As the concerts and miles mount up, Grégory and Michel get to know each other and come to deal with other liabilities in the process.

original title: L'air de rien
country: France
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Grégory Magne, Stéphane Viard
release date: FR 07/11/2012
screenplay: Grégory Magne, Stéphane Viard
cast: Michel Delpech, Grégory Montel, Miossec, Fred Scotlande, Celine Milliat-Baumgartner, Martine Schambacher
cinematography by: Julien Poupard
costumes designer: Sarah Monfort
producer: Frédéric Jouve
production: Les Films Velvet
distributor: Rezo Films
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