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by Manuel Giliberti


Four stories, four women. Apparently normal ones, but actually extraordinaries. Because, behind every great man, there's always a woman who often sacrificed her life to make way for a man. Sicily is the same kind of woman, its soul is a woman. And this is the meaning of the four stories. Tales at times dramatic, but often funny, full of humor and irony.

original title: Un milione di giorni
country: Italy
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Manuel Giliberti
release date: IT 08/11/2012
screenplay: Manuel Giliberti, Filippo Arriva
cast: Piera Degli Esposti, Galatea Ranzi, Nino Frassica, Mariella Lo Giudice, Chiara Caselli, Lucia Sardo
cinematography by: Gianni Cigna
film editing: Giuseppe Pagano
art director: Amalia Daniele
costumes designer: Rosa Lo Russo
music: Antonio Di Pofi
producer: Franco Laera, Camillo Esposito
production: Capetown Film, Change Permorming Arts
backing: Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali - Direzione Generale per il cinema
distributor: Capetown
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