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by Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin


Lucien and Regina are foragers - they gather wild mushrooms in the woodlands of New Jersey and sell them to restaurants in New York. Their lifestyle is simple, their income unstable. To improve the financial security and to follow a more fulfilling personal career path, Regina decides to take a job cooking at a high-end restaurant. Lucien disapproves and instead, he proposes to give up their apartment and live as full-time itinerant foragers. As individual desires take them down divergent paths over the course of a year, their marriage slowly comes apart.

international title: Now, Forager (Love & Fungi)
original title: Tam, gdzie rosna grzyby
country: Poland, United States
sales agent: New Europe Film Sales
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Jason Cortlund, Julia Halperin
film run: 93'
release date: PL 30/11/2012, BE 31/07/2013, NL 24/10/2013
screenplay: Jason Cortlund
cast: Michael Cavalinho, Tiffany Esteb, Almex Lee, Gabrielle Maisels, Marcia Costa, Marty Clarke
cinematography by: Jonathan Nastasi
film editing: Julia Halperin
art director: Bara K. Jichova
music: Chris Brokaw
producer: Julia Halperin, Kit Bland, Krzysztof Szpetmański
production: Monternia
distributor: Imagine
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