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by Manolis Damianakis


Kame Koummando is reaching the end of his life. His last wish is for his spirit to go back in time on Planet Earth. He finds a world occupied by the “Troika” and the rating agencies. Social unrest is on the rise and human souls are muddled. He is being mocked by the voice of the rating agencies and the Troika. He decides to take action and help all the peoples of the world... But then the evil Zida steals the walkie talkie that keeps him in touch with his unit.

original title: Kame Koummando
country: Greece
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Manolis Damianakis
film run: 78'
screenplay: Manolis Damianakis
cast: Fotis Armenis, Agapi Manoura, Costas Damianakis, Anna Kalergi, Yannis Styvaktakis, Costas Symiakakis, Mihalis Leontios, Vangelis Papadakis, Mihalis Skarpathiotakis, Marika Stefanaki
cinematography by: Fotis Mitsis
film editing: Manolis Damianakis
art director: Manolis Damianakis
costumes designer: Ourania Kay
music: Ferma group
producer: Manolis Damianakis
production: Cinearth Motion Pictures
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