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by Antonio Cuadri


They say that adolescence is the toughest time in life, and it certainly was for Ramón. They say that adolescence is a time of discovery, but for Ramón, like for most people, it was a time of confusion: the future, studies, sex, hormonal change, the generation gap. They say that adolescence is the most important part of life, and it was for Ramón. The events which took place on the verge of his 13 years-of-age in the Seville of 1976 brought out the fighter in him.

international title: YOU'RE MY HERO
original title: ERES MI HÉROE
country: Spain
sales agent: Lúmina Films/Aquelarre Servicios Cinematográficos
year: 2003
genre: fiction
directed by: Antonio Cuadri
film run: 103'
release date: ES 30/05/2003
screenplay: Antonio Cuadri, Miguel A. Pérez, Carlos Asorey
cast: Manuel Lozano, Toni Cantó, Maru Valdivieso, Antonio Dechent, Juan Fernández
cinematography by: Alex Catalan
film editing: Mercedes Cantero
art director: Luis M. Carmona
costumes designer: Lucía Navarro
music: Carita Boronska
production: Manifacturas Audiovisuales, Caligari Films S.A., Canal Sur Televisión S.A.
distributor: Yedra Film
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