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by Tom Hooper


Based on the novel by Victor Hugo, 'Les Miserables' travels with prisoner-on-parole, 24601, Jean Valjeun, as he runs from the ruthless Inspector Javert on a journey beyond the barricades, at the center of the June Rebellion. Meanwhile, the life of a working class girl with a child is at turning point as she turns to prostitution to pay money to the evil innkeeper and his wife who look after her child, Cosette. Valjean promise to take care of the child, eventually leads to a love triangle between Cosette, Marius who is a student of the rebellion, and Eponine, a girl of the streets. The people sing of their anger and Enjolras leads the students to fight upon the barricades.

international title: Les Misérables
original title: Les Misérables
country: United Kingdom, United States
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Tom Hooper
film run: 157'
release date: ES 25/12/2012, HU 27/12/2012, CZ 03/01/2013, GR 03/01/2013, PT 03/01/2013, BG 04/01/2013, LT 04/01/2013, NL 10/01/2013, IE 11/01/2013, UK 11/01/2013, EE 18/01/2013, NO 18/01/2013, SE 18/01/2013, IS 25/01/2013, PL 25/01/2013, IT 31/01/2013, SI 31/01/2013, FR 13/02/2013, BE 20/02/2013, DE 21/02/2013, FI 22/02/2013, DK 21/03/2013
screenplay: William Nicholson, Alain Boublil, Claude-Michel Schönberg, Herbert Kretzmer
cast: Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Sacha Baron Cohen, Helena Bonham Carter, Eddie Redmayne, Aaron Tveit, Samantha Barks, George Blagden
cinematography by: Danny Cohen
film editing: Chris Dickens
art director: Eve Stewart
costumes designer: Paco Delgado
producer: Eric Fellner, Debra Hayward, Cameron Mackintosh, Tim Bevan
co-producer: Bernard Bellew
production: Working Title Films
distributor: Universal Pictures International Spain, Universal Pictures International Netherlands, International United Kingdom, Universal Pictures International Italy, Universal Pictures Universal Pictures International France, Universal Pictures International Belgium, Universal Pictures International Germany
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