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by José Luis Valle


Rafael has been a cleaner in the same light bulb factory for thirty years. It is his last day before retirement, and he even buys himself a pair of new shoes for the occasion. But his boss soon takes the wind out of this reticent man’s sails. Although Rafael has been a diligent and reliable worker, as an illegal immigrant to Tijuana from El Salvador he has no right to expect a pension … Lidia is one of seven people keeping house for a rich Mexican woman in a wheelchair who has dedicated her life to her whippet ‘Princess’ who eats from a golden bowl and sleeps on a silk cushion. Lidia has spent thirty years taking care of the dog and its ailing mistress, day and night. When Lidia’s employee dies and leaves her fortune to her dog nothing much changes for Lidia at first. Then she begins to think about what it means to have a dog as an employer …

international title: Workers
original title: Workers
country: Mexico, Germany
sales agent: MPM Film (Movies Partners in Motion Film)
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: José Luis Valle
film run: 120'
release date: NL 24/10/2013, FR 30/10/2013, DE 12/12/2013
screenplay: José Luis Valle
cast: Susana Salazar, Jesús Padilla, Bárbara Perrín Rivemar, Sergio Limón, Vera Talaia, Adolfo Madera
cinematography by: César Gutiérrez Miranda
film editing: Óscar Figueroa
art director: Gabriela Santos del Olmo
costumes designer: Linda Naitze Ruiz Herrera
producer: José Luis Valle
production: Autentika Films, Zensky Cine, Imcine-Foprocine, CUEC/Mexico
distributor: Amstelfilm, ASC Distribution, Bildkraft
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