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by Julio Médem


Lucia is a young Madrid waitress who is devastated at the loss of her writer boyfriend Lorenzo. Hoping to flee her troubles, she seeks out a beautiful island paradise her dead lover often talked about. There she meets and befriends Carlos and Elena who are also refugees of personal tragedies. Unbeknownst to all of them, the three each have a connection to Lorenzo. Years previously, Elena had a spontaneous fling with Lorenzo on the same island on the beach.

international title: Sex and Lucia
original title: Lucía y el sexo
country: Spain, France
sales agent: Sogepaq
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Julio Médem
film run: 127'
release date: ES 24/08/2001, GR 29/03/2002, PT 19/07/2002, FR 02/04/2002, BE 08/05/2003, IE 10/05/2002, DK 12/07/2002, PT 19/07/2002, NL 15/08/2002, DE 05/09/2002, AT 11/10/2002, SE 01/11/2002, IT 18/04/2003, CZ 28/03/2002
screenplay: Julio Médem
cast: Paz Vega, Najwa Nimri, Tristán Ulloa, Javier Cámara, Daniel Freyre, Elena Anaya
cinematography by: Kiko de la Rica
film editing: Iván Aledo
costumes designer: Estíbaliz Markiegui
music: Alberto Iglesias
producer: Fernando Bovaira, Enrique López Lavigne
production: Alicia Produce S.L., Sogecine & Sogepaq (ifta), StudioCanal, Canal+ España, Televisión Española- TVE (ES)
distributor: Warner Bros., Fandango (IT), Colifilms (FR), Odeon S.A. (GR), Film Distribution Artcam (CZ), Vadi Van Kris (BG)
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