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by Miguel Alcantud


Mali, 2012. Amadou and Moussa are two teenagers with a passion for soccer. In their free time from school (in Moussa's case) or from work at the local market (as Amadou does), the boys hone their skills and trade stories about their European idols or those Africans who have become stars in Europe. When a Spanish talent scout spots them at a local match and offers them tryouts in Europe, the boys - and their families - are filled with dreams of fame and fortune. But they are hardly alone with these dreams, and the realities of soccer recruitment in Europe bear little resemblance to what they imagined.

international title: Black Diamonds
original title: Diamantes negros
country: Spain, Portugal
sales agent: Latido Films
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Miguel Alcantud
film run: 100'
release date: ES 29/11/2013
screenplay: Miguel Alcantud
cast: Setigui Diallo, Hamidou Samake, Guillermo Toledo, Carlo D'Ursi, Carlos Bardem
cinematography by: Alberto D. Centeno
producer: Carlo D'Ursi
production: Potenza Producciones, Fado Filmes
backing: Eurimages, ICAA, Programa Ibermedia, Fundación Voces
distributor: Splendor Films
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