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by Roland Reber


Christiane and Sandra want to write a book about the "world of magic". At an esoteric summer workshop, they meet three other women and decide to work together on the project. They take a year to research the subject, with each woman delving into a special area: shamanism, witchcraft, ritual magic, chaos magic, and other geomancy practices.

original title: Pentamagica
country: Germany
sales agent: Cine-International Filmvertrieb
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Roland Reber
film run: 95'
screenplay: Roland Reber
cast: Marina Anna Eich, Mira Gittner, Patricia Koch, Ute Meisenheimer, Claire Plaut
cinematography by: Mira Gittner, Roland Reber
film editing: Mira Gittner
art director: Mira Gittner
music: Wolfgang Edelmayer
producer: Mira Gittner, Ute Meisenheimer, Marina Anna Eich
production: WTP International GmbH