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by Brahim Fritah


Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, 1980. 10-year-old Brahim lives with his family in the crane construction factory where his father, originally from Morocco, is the guardian. Films on the telly, the factory courtyard and the school playground, and his pals make up his world. It's a realm that seems as immutable as the old crane that feeds his imagination and fills his dreams when night comes. It's a period full of new experiences for young Brahim. He forms a friendship with Salvador, who tells him about Chile, Pinochet, and about his father, who has disappeared. Brahim also discovers photography, his new passion, thanks to an old Kodak Instamatic. But, at the factory, it's announced that it'll be relocated to the south of France and the present site is closing down. Brahim's family has to find a new home.

original title: Chroniques d'une cour de récré
country: France
sales agent: Futurikon
year: 2012
genre: fiction
directed by: Brahim Fritah
film run: 85'
release date: FR 05/06/2013
screenplay: Johanne Bernard, Brahim Fritah
cast: Yanis Bahloul, Rocco Campochiaro, Vincent Rottiers, Mostéfa Djadjam, Dalila Ennadre, Billel Bouakel, Lilya Ibnou Ennadre, Reda Kateb
cinematography by: Pascal Lagriffoul
film editing: Catherine Mantion
music: Jean Christophe Onno
producer: Philippe Delarue
production: Futurikon
distributor: Jour2fête
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