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by Robert Altman


In the style of Nashville with its multiple interlocking stories, director Robert Altman reveals the two worlds of Gosford Park. One is played out in the grounds, the dining hall and the bedrooms of the mansion where the English aristocracy are enjoying their final fling. The other is a secret world below the stairs, where the servants see and hear far more than they should - and more than they ever dare to admit. As the great house swings into action, we see and hear the unfolding events through the eyes and ears of the servants.

original title: Gosford Park
country: United Kingdom
sales agent: Capitol Films
year: 2001
genre: fiction
directed by: Robert Altman
film run: 139'
release date: SE 06/07/2002, DE 13/06/2002, BE 27/03/2002, PT 22/03/2002, FR 20/03/2002, ES 08/03/2002, IT 08/03/2002, NL 07/03/2002, DK 08/02/2002, UK 01/02/2002, IE 01/02/2002
screenplay: Julian Fellowes
cast: Maggie Smith, Alan Bates, Derek Jacobi, Kristin Scott Thomas, Michael Gambon
cinematography by: Andrew Dunn BSC
film editing: Tim Squyres ACE
costumes designer: Jenny Beavan
music: Patrick Doyle
producer: Robert Altman, Bob Balaban, David Levy
production: Zestwick
distributor: Entertainment Film Distributors, Mars Films (FR), Medusa Film (IT), A-Film Distribution (NL), Lauren Film (ES), Triangel Film (SE), Uip (DE), Cineart (BE), Lusomundo Audiovisuais (PT), Scanbox Entertainement (DK)
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