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by Gianni Amelio


Let’s imagine there’s a new occupation and it’s called “replacement.” Let’s imagine that an unemployed man practices it every day, this occupation. And thus that he works really hard and that he’s a happy man in his own way. He does nothing but take the place, sometimes just for a few hours, of someone who has absented himself, for reasons that can be more or less serious, from his official job. He is content with little, our hero, but money isn’t everything in life: there’s the need to stay in shape, not to let yourself go in a moment, as they say, of deep crisis. Let’s imagine then that there’s a young man of twenty, his son, who plays the sax divinely and so is lucky because he’s an artist. And let’s imagine Lucia, uneasy and circumspect, who is hiding a secret behind her desire to get on in life. Will they manage to reach the next episode safe and sound?

original title: L'intrepido
country: Italy
sales agent: RAI Com
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Gianni Amelio
film run: 104'
release date: IT 05/09/2013
screenplay: Gianni Amelio, Davide Lantieri
cast: Antonio Albanese, Livia Rossi, Gabriele Rendina, Alfonso Santagata, Sandra Ceccarelli
cinematography by: Luca Bigazzi
film editing: Cristina Francioni
art director: Giancarlo Basili
costumes designer: Simona Paggi
music: Franco Piersanti
producer: Carlo Degli Esposti
production: Palomar, RAI Cinema
distributor: 01 Distribution
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