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by Stere Gulea


the story of Emilia, a 60-year old woman who lives peacefully with her husband Ţucu in a small Romanian town. The couple is overwhelmed with joy when they receive a phone call from Canada: their daughter, Alice will visit them together with her American fiancé Alan. Things could not be better for Emilia, who looks forward to basking in the young couple's happiness. Moreover, Emilia, who is famous in the neighbourhood for her communist nostalgia, is asked to be part of a documentary about the extensive festivities organized on August 23, the national holiday before the '89 Revolution.

international title: I Am an Old Communist Hag
original title: Sunt o baba comunista
country: Romania
sales agent: MediaPro Pictures
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Stere Gulea
release date: RO 23/08/2013
screenplay: Stere Gulea, Vera Ion, Lucian Dan Teodorovici
cast: Luminita Gheorghiu, Marian Ralea, Ana Ularu, Valeria Seciu, Collin Blair, Andrei Hutuleac, Alexandra Buza, Coca Bloos, Anca Sigartau
cinematography by: Vivi Dragan Vasile
film editing: Alexandra Gulea
art director: Calin Papura
costumes designer: Doina Levinta
music: Vasilé Sirli
producer: Andrei Boncea, Cristina Dobritoiu
production: MediaPro Pictures
distributor: MediaPro Distribution
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