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by Dariusz Steiness


Hans and his wife are in their car for a drive, arguing intensely about their son Jesper. Hans loses control of the car and there is an accident. His wife is killed. Hans, who has never showed much emotion, wakes up to the darkness and breaks down. But through the gloom, he is revived and able to re-establish relations with his son and pursue their mutual passion.

international title: Charlie Butterfly
original title: Charlie Butterfly
country: Denmark
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Dariusz Steiness
film run: 100'
release date: DK 03/05/2002
screenplay: Dariusz Steiness, Klaus Rifbjerg
cast: Baard Owe, Allan Vegenfeldt, Vigga Bro, Diana Axelsen, Henrik Jandorf
cinematography by: Eigil Bryld
film editing: Åsa Mossberg
costumes designer: Louize Nissen
music: Carsten Dahl
producer: Jonas Frederiksen
production: Zentropa Entertainments
backing: DFI (Danish Film Institute) + New Danish Screen
distributor: Nordisk Film Distribution
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