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by Ali Samadi Ahadi


Rafik, a smart young Palestinian from East Jerusalem, prefers working in Europe instead of living with his dominant father in Israel. And he’s not keen on returning to attend the marriage of his unloved brother Jamal. He accepts the invitation only to do his mother a favour. But things quickly degenerate. The brothers quarrel, their father dies of a heart attack and now they must travel to bury him near his Ramallah birthplace. It generally takes 45 minutes for the trip, but that's only when the car isn't stolen and the police get involved...

international title: 45 Minutes to Ramallah
original title: 45 Minutes to Ramallah
country: Germany
sales agent: The Little Film Company UK
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Ali Samadi Ahadi
release date: DE 05/12/2013
screenplay: Gabriel Bornstein, Karl-Dietmar Möller-Naß
cast: Navíd Akhavan, Ed Ward, Karim Saleh, Julie Engelbrecht, Jackie Sawiris, Eyas Younis, James Garson Chick, Suzan Demircan
cinematography by: Wedigo von Schultzendorff
film editing: Silke Olthoff, Frank Geiger
music: Ali N. Askin
producer: Frank Geiger, Mohammad Farokhmanesh, Armin Hofmann
production: Brave New Work Film Productions, ARD Degeto Film GMBH
distributor: Zorro Film
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