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by Taru Mäkelä


Helsinki 1962: Elsa makes hats and works part-time as a medium. During the Communist World Youth Games, she meets her former great love Jan again, whom she hasn't seen for ages. Jan is now a jazz musician performing as part of the Czechoslovak delegation. Gradually, they develop a close relationship again. For Elsa it becomes clear that Jan has to stay in the West. But trouble lies ahead: the Czechs are closely watched over and Elsa is supposed to be assisting the police with her clairvoyant skills.

international title: August Fools
original title: Mieletön elokuu
country: Finland, Czech Republic, Norway
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Taru Mäkelä
film run: 104'
release date: FI 04/10/2013
screenplay: Raija Talvio
cast: Kati Outinen, Laura Birn, Miroslav Etzler, Krystof Hádek, Esko Salminen, Elena Leeve
cinematography by: Jouko Seppälä
film editing: Inge-Lise Langfeldt
art director: Jan Kadlec
producer: Markku Flink
production: Kinosto Oy
backing: The Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Nordisk Film AB
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