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by Saara Cantell


A romantic comedy about a woman who finally finds her "Only One", but then the man mysteriously disappears. Her next great love appears, but happens to also be the Prime Minister of Finland.

international title: The Only Ones
original title: Ainoat oikeat
country: Finland
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Saara Cantell
release date: FI 27/12/2013
cast: Ilkka Villi, Antti Reini, Frans Isotalo, Sampo Sarkola, Inka Kallén, Pirjo Heikkilä, Eeva Putro, Kiti Kokkonen
producer: Jarkko Hentula
production: Yellow Film & TV - Filmiteollisuus Fine, MTV 3
backing: Finnish Film Foundation
distributor: Nordisk Film AB
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