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by Moussa Haddad


Zine and Rayanne plan to flee to a dreamland, a fantasy haven on the north shore of the Mediterranean. The crossing is commonly made in fishing boats and other small craft; hundreds of harragas die each year. Zine embarks for Spain with a group of others, while Rayyane decides to stay back to raise more money for the crossing - which involves tricking his uncle into lending him money under the pretense of running a local business. But, like so many other working poor around the world, Rayanne refuses to weigh the danger against the prospect of a better world.

international title: Harraga Blues
original title: Harraga Blues
country: Algeria
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Moussa Haddad
film run: 110'
screenplay: Amina Bedjaoui Haddad, Moussa Haddad
cast: Mouni Bouaalem, Karim Hamzaoui, Zakaria Ramdhan
cinematography by: Bachir SelLami
film editing: Mahfoudh Boudjema
music: Lotfi Attar
producer: Amina Bedjaoui Haddad
production: Moussa Haddad PROD
backing: Agence Algérienne pour le Rayonnement Culturel AARC
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