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by Laurent Tirard


It's the end of the school year. The long-awaited holidays have finally arrived. Little Nicholas, his parents and Granny hit the road heading for the sea, and move into the Beau-Rivage Hotel. At the beach, Nicholas wastes little time making new friends: there's Ben, who isn't on holiday because he lives here; Freddy, who eats anything, all the time... Even fish... raw. There's George, who talks funny because he's English, Paul the constant crybaby and Christopher, who always wants to be right and is really, really annoying. Nicholas also gets to know Elizabeth, a little girl who follows him everywhere, wide-eyed. "How sweet, those two. I hear wedding bells in the future," laugh the grown-ups. Nicholas panics! Luckily his pals are there to help him... and to cause trouble. Between the beach, the hotel and the forest, with his friends, his family, the beach attendant and the swimming coach, Nicholas is really going to enjoy a holiday to remember.

international title: Nicholas on Holiday
original title: Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas
country: France
sales agent: Wild Bunch International
year: 2014
genre: fiction
directed by: Laurent Tirard
film run: 97'
release date: FR 09/07/2014, BE 09/07/2014, NL 31/07/2014, IT 16/04/2015
screenplay: Laurent Tirard, Grégoire Vigneron
cast: Mathéo Boisselier, Valérie Lemercier, Kad Merad, François Damiens, Dominique Lavanant, Francis Perrin, Daniel Prévost
cinematography by: Denis Rouden
film editing: Valérie Desseine
art director: Françoise Dupertuis
costumes designer: Pierre-Jean Larroque
producer: Marc Missonnier, Olivier Delbosc
production: Fidélité Films, Wild Bunch Production
distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution, Cinéart, Cinéart Netherlands B.V., Cine Europa
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