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by Robert Manthoulis


The narrator is making a film about Lilly, a member of the Greek resistance movement portrayed by Melina Mercouri. During pre-production, a series of events take place that extend beyond the realms of everyday life.

international title: LILLY'S STORY
original title: LILLY'S STORY
country: Greece, France, Slovenia
year: 2002
genre: fiction
directed by: Robert Manthoulis
film run: 120'
release date: GR 22/11/2002, SI 09/10/2003
screenplay: Robert Manthoulis
cast: Anna Galiena, Bruno Poutzoulou, Julliette Andrea, George Vogiatzis, Helen Koutoulidou
cinematography by: Nikos Kavoukidis
film editing: Giorgos Helidonidis
art director: Dora Lelouda
costumes designer: Dora Lelouda
music: Nikos Mamangakis
producer: Costantin Moriatis
production: YGREC Productions, Lumiere Productions, Studio Maj, Tele Film - Nikos Kavoukidis (GR); Artcam International (FR)
distributor: Rosebud Motion Pictures Enterprises - Rosebud21
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