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by Martin Makariev


On November 18, 1985. The police found four bodies in an isolated mountain hut, in Roseville. One of the guests, a young man named Vasil is missing. To this day, the case is still labeled "unsolved crime." The film is an artistic interpretation, based on direct and indirect police information: Vasil arrived on honeymoon in Roseville with his wife. Soon afterwards, he feels a strange presence in his nightmares and becomes paranoid, but is also very attracted to the place and refuses to leave. He realizes that he was predestined (marked) to come in Roseville. When the others realize that Vasil has changed, it is too late to leave. The entity which controls Vasil wants victims, in order to return home. All are dead, and Vasil is consumed by a bright light coming from the sky. His whereabouts are unknown until today.

international title: Roseville
original title: Roseville
country: Bulgaria
sales agent: Wide Management
year: 2013
genre: fiction
directed by: Martin Makariev
film run: 120'
release date: BG 20/12/2013, FR 11/2016
screenplay: Boby Zahariev
cast: David Chokachi, Lydia Indjova, Plamen Manassiev, Elena Petrova, Kalin Vrachanski
cinematography by: Ivan Vatsov
film editing: Nikola Milenov
art director: Liliana Dancheva
music: Victor Stoyanov
producer: Dimitar Gochev, Martin Makariev, Svetlin Neinski, Alexander Penev
co-producer: Gabriel Georgiev, Miroslav Ianev, Evtim Miloshev, Nikolai Urumov
production: Camera Ltd, Forward Pictures
distributor: A Plus Films Ltd.
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